The Black Box

The Binarybean Black Box is an IoT sensor platform that allows you to monitor, collect data, or control your equipment from anywhere in the world. Based upon our own secure protocols, the Black Box is flexible, powerful and robust.

Each Black Box is configured specifically for your needs and only comes with the sensors in the the range that you require. For more information on our Blackbox solution, please call +971 54 443 3971.

Voltage & Current
And Many more…

Global Operations Centre

Together with our partners at Ubiquitous and Modutech, and Avario we operate a fully staffed, class 5 certified, 24/7/365 operations centre in the heart of a secure building located in Business Bay, Dubai.

From this state of the art facility, we are able to monitor, report and dispatch information according to your specific needs. From simple monitoring of Monitac’s Basecamp units and sensors to system critical bluebox data, we have highly trained staff and failsafe operational procedures in place that can help your business be more cost-effective, predictive and increase customer satisfaction.

To see how smart camp operator Monitac is using Binarybean technology to keep their camps running smooth, click here.

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you are using Binarybean Bluebox or your own sensors, we can offer real-time human or automated monitoring alerts with operational responses built specifically for your business case.

Critical Only Monitoring

If you do not need eyes on your sensors 24/7, we can offer ‘critical alert only’ monitoring, which sets a specific set of operational tasks in motion only when an alert which you deem critical is detected.

Our Desk / Your Staff

Perfect for companies that are in the process of building their own operations room or want their own employees directly involved, we can provide you with a dedicated operations desk, training and backup support.


Our operations simulations will ensure that your staff is ready to take on their responsibilities with confidence and professionalism by training in our real world, operational training environment. Training is set up according to your specific needs and guided by industry best practice.

Monitac's Basecamp 2.0 Monitor Dashboard